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Military Patch
2nd U.S. Army Corps shoulder patch

The 2nd Corps was commanded by Gen. Fredendall and Gen. Geo. S. Patton in North Africa 1942-1943.
following the defeat of American forces at Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, in February 1943, Major General George S. Patton took over the II Corps. He rebuilt the unit’s morale and won an important victory at El Guettar in March 1943. Shortly thereafter, Patton was promoted to command of the Seventh US Army, which he would later lead in Sicily. General Omar Bradley then assumed control over the II Corps. After Eisenhower’s troops, including the II Corps, linked up with General Montgomery’s British Eighth Army, the Allies had the German Afrika Corps trapped in Tunisia. By mid May of 1943 the Axis forces in North Africa were totally defeated.
Cloth. L 7.3, W 5.0 cm
Eisenhower National Historic Site, EISE 11236