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The Eisenhower guestbook at Gettysburg is open to the page that includes signatures of Nehru, December 15, 1956 and Montgomery of Alamein, May 1959.
Paper, leather. L 26.7, W 21.6, D 2.5 cm
Eisenhower National Historic Site, EISE 2940


Mamie loved to entertain guests at her Gettysburg home, whether it was playing cards with friends, a barbecue with family, or conversation with the King and Queen of Afghanistan. During the early years of their marriage, she and Ike always entertained at their post quarters. Their residence became such a gathering place for officers, it became known as "Club Eisenhower."

This page is from one of three Eisenhower guest books. The First Lady kept her guest book in the entrance hall of their Gettysburg home. Everyone who came to the door signed in, from world leaders to the grandchildren who lived nearby. The grandchildren say they would try to sneak in the back door to avoid the guest book with each visit. Two of the more notable signatures pictured here are that of Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India and Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery who chose to sign using his benighted title. Other noteworthy guests who signed include President Charles De Gaulle of France, Winston Churchill, Billy Graham, and Ronald Reagan.