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Ike in Cadet Uniform
This photo sits on the make-up table in Mamie’s dressing room. It was the first photo Ike gave to Mamie while they were courting, and is inscribed "For the dearest and sweetest girl in the world. Ike."

Ike and Mamie met in 1915 when Eisenhower was a lieutenant stationed at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio. The Douds traveled to San Antonio each year to escape the Denver winters. Mamie was introduced to Eisenhower by the post commander’s wife. Eisenhower recalled that he was initially reluctant to engage in introductions because he was on guard duty. He acquiesced when he overheard the commander’s wife whisper to the Douds that he was “the woman hater on the post.” They were married in 1916.
Eisenhower National Historic Site, EISE 9310.