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c 1955
Child’s drawing on White House stationery. Drawn by one of the Eisenhowers’ grandchildren, likely Anne, as her name is listed first.
Paper. L 20.3, W 12.8 cm
Eisenhower National Historic Site, EISE 8767.

The Grandchildren
The four Eisenhower grandchildren, David, Barbara Ann, Susan, and Mary Jean, lived just down the road from the President’s Gettysburg farm. They enjoyed fishing in the farm pond, riding their grandfather’s horses, and joining their grandparents for summer barbecues – the President grilling thick steaks in the backyard. They visited their grandparents at the White House fairly often as well. The President was particularly devoted to his grandson, seemingly making up for the little time he was able to spend with his son John (David’s father) during the course of his military career.