Lower Music Room

Portraits of Walter 'Death Valley Scotty' Scott (left) and Albert Johnson (right) above the fireplace tell of their enduring partnership. They were extremely different, yet they were friends for over 40 years. Albert had a life-long dream of being a cowboy; Scotty was a cowboy from the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. Scotty dreamed of being a millionaire; Albert was a very wealthy man.

This room also housed a player piano and 25-note keyboard for the Chimes Tower. The window shutters were designed to be let down from the inside.

The tapestry over the couch depicts a scene from Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quixote, one of Albert Johnson's favorite books. There are other references to the book throughout the house.

Carved into the wood just below the ceiling is a Spanish quotation. Translated into English it reads, "In the far desert there is peace and tranquility. One feels the force of the sun and the mysterious silence of the night. Much treasure can be found beneath these high mountains, and great recompense will come to those who search for it by their hard labor."