Living Hall

The massive living hall with its magnificent chandelier, fireplace, fountain and furnishings make for a grand welcome to Scotty's Castle. Handsome furniture and artworks were designed and selected to complement the Spanish-style architecture. The matched set of leather chairs and sofas were designed by Martin de Dubovay. Much of the furniture was made by Schiedenberger and Sons in Los Angeles.

The upper half of the living hall is surrounded by a glorious gallery-balcony. It is accessed by stairs located behind the jasper faced, indoor fountain on the left. Albert Johnson installed this fountain as part of an elaborate evaporative cooling system. Vents in most rooms sent water-cooled air throughout the mansion. On the right is a fireplace and above the fireplace is a copper relief. According to Bessie Johnson, this depicted an Indian story of how people got fire by stealing it from a volcano.

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