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“The Barton First-Aid Textbook”

By H.H. Hartung, M.D
Published by the National First Aid Association of America

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Clara Barton National Historic Site, CLBA 113

“The National First Aid Association of America
Incorporated under the Laws of the District of Columbia
President Clara Barton
Assistant to the President
Roscoe G. Wells
Mrs. J. Sewall Reed
Treasurer and Medical Director
H.H. Hartung, M.D.
Mary I. Kensel
Advisory Board
Lieut.-Gen. Nelson A. Miles
Boston, Mass.
Eugene Underhill M.D.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Joseph Gardner, M.D.
Bedford Ind.
Charles R. Dickson, M.D.
Toronto, Canada
Ex-Gov. John L. Bates
Boston, Mass.
Major James Evelyn Pilcher
Carlisle, Pa.
Henry Chapman
New Jersey State Branch
Boston New York Washington Newark Philadelphia Chicago Detroit
Executive Office
6 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts