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Twenty Fifth Anniversary Chronological Historic Tree of the International Red Cross
Published by the International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland

“PUBLIÉ PAR LE COMITÉ INTERNATIONAL ā l’ occasion du 25 Anniversaire de la foundation de la Croix – Rouge. 1863 GENÉVE 1888” withn bottom, “INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS FAMILY TREE 1863-1888, DÉVELOPPEMENT DE L'OEUVRE DE LA CROIX – ROUGE” Clara Barton owned this chromolithograph and included it in her book, Red Cross in Peace and War. It illustrates the development of the Red Cross during the organization’s first 25 years.  Founded in Geneva, the central branch represents the work of the Comité International.  The national societies or committees are on the right, with the left branch illustrating the date of adhesion to the treaty by the various nations.

The U. S. is represented three times, in 1864 [right branch] as Charles Bowles and George Fogg attended the Second International Congress of the Red Cross but the U. S. did not sign the treaty; and in 1881, as Clara Barton organized the American Red Cross on May 21, 1881.  The U. S. is represented on the left branch in 1882, as President Chester A. Arthur signed the Treaty of Geneva.  The U.S. Senate ratified it on March 16, 1882.
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