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Nationally distinctive landscapes are places that contain important regional and national stories that, together with their associated natural and/or cultural resources, enable the American people to understand, preserve and celebrate key components of the multi-faceted character of the Nationís heritage. The landscapes are often places that represent and contain identifiable assemblages of resources with integrity associated with one or more of the following:

  1. important historical periods of the Nation and its people;

  2. major events, persons and groups that contributed substantively to the Nationís history, customs, beliefs, and folklore;

  3. distinctive cultures and cultural mores;

  4. major industries and technological, business and manufacturing innovations/practices, labor movements and labor advancements that contributed substantively to the economic growth of the Nation and the well-being of its people;

  5. transportation innovations and routes that played central roles in important military actions, settlement, migration, and commerce;

  6. social movements that substantively influenced past and present day society;

  7. American art, crafts, literature and music;

  8. distinctive architecture and architectural periods and movements;

  9. major scientific discoveries and advancements; and

  10. other comparable representations that together with their associated resources substantively contributed to the Nationís heritage.

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