• Part of a roofline shows from one building. Trees with fall color leaves on them fill most of the photo. A lamp-post is near center of the photo.

    Harpers Ferry Center

Media IDIQ Contracts

Interpretive Wayside Exhibit Panels – Porcelain Enamel

Contract Number C1141090008 (Winsor Fireform, LLC)

This site contains the above named contract. This contract was awarded on April 27, 2009. For ease of viewing, downloading, and printing over the Web, these contract documents are furnished in PDF format. These contract documents are divided into the Uniform Contract Format Sections as follows:

Standard Form 1449 - Solicitation/Contract/Order for Commercial Items (1 page)


Section B - Contract Pricing Form (4 pages)
Section C - Description/Specification/Work Statement (5 pages)
Section D - Packaging and Marking (1 page)
Section E - Inspection and Acceptance (1 page)
Section F - Deliveries or Performance (2 pages)
Section G - Contract Administration Data (11 pages)
Section H - Special Contract Requirements (2 pages)
Section I - Contract Clauses (3 pages)
Section J - List of Documents, Exhibits and Other Attachments (1 page)


Attachment A.1 - Representative Wayside Sample (1 page)
Attachment A.2 - Representative VIS Sample (1 page)
Attachment B - ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (310 pages)

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