"My grandparents and my parents came here in a covered wagon. In this community they toiled and worshipped God. They lie buried on your hillside. The most formative years of my boyhood were spent here. My roots are in this soil. This cottage where I was born is physical proof of the unbounded opportunity of American life."

Herbert Hoover


Cultural Landscape

If you were going to make a park to commemorate yourself, what would you like future generations to know? What values would you share? Learn more »

Early Interest in Geology

For a curious and enterprising young Herbert Hoover, the gravel beds of the railroad tracks brought a fascination with geology. Learn more »

Herbert Hoover's National Parks

During Herbert Hoover's presidency from 1929 to 1933, the land designated for new national parks and monuments increased by 40 percent. Learn more »

Hoover as Secretary of Commerce

Between 1921 and 1928, Herbert Hoover served as Secretary of Commerce in the Cabinets of two presidents: Harding and Coolidge. Learn more »

Hoover Fishing Story

Pete Hoover, grandson of the 31st President, recalled lessons in fishing learned at his grandfather's side. Learn more »

Hoover's 1928 Campaign Visit

Considering the almost "round-the-clock" media coverage of speeches by modern day presidential candidates, Herbert Hoover was by comparison practically a political wallflower. Learn more »

Hoover's Dedication to Children's Causes

The loss of both parents before his tenth birthday made Herbert Hoover deeply sympathetic to children in need. Learn more »

Hoover's Higher Education

In 1891, 17-year old Bert Hoover enrolled in Stanford University determined to become a mining engineer. Learn more »

Women in the Quaker Meeting

George Fox, founder of the Religious Society of Friends in 17th century England, was quite forward thinking about the role of women in the Quaker faith. Learn more »

Did You Know?