• Pink flowers blossom in the garden of a white two-room cottage.

    Herbert Hoover

    National Historic Site Iowa


A man and women inspect relief supplies in front of European Relief Council sign.

Herbert Hoover, with Kitty Dalton of the Knights of Columbus, inspecting European Relief Council supplies in 1921.

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover, mining engineer, humanitarian, statesman, and 31st President of the United States, was born August 10, 1874 in a simple two-room cottage in West Branch, Iowa. Learn more »

Lou Henry Hoover

Herbert Hoover's journey along what he called the "slippery road of public life" was not traveled alone. At his side was his wife, Lou. Learn more »

Jesse Hoover

Jesse Hoover, father of the future president, earned a living in his blacksmith shop and later opened a farm implement business. The new shop was the first in town to manufacture barbed wire. Learn more »

Hulda Hoover

After his father's death, Herbert Hoover's mother Hulda earned and saved money for the children's schooling. She also became a Quaker minister. Learn more »

Did You Know?

Black and white photo of Herbert Hoover fly-fishing in a river.

Herbert Hoover was an avid fisherman. He'd often don a jacket, tie, and hat along with his waders and gear while fly-fishing. "All men are equal before fish," he wrote. More...