Things To Do

Having fun in the Visitor Center.

Practicing being a paleontologist.

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While visiting Hagerman Fossil Beds be sure to spend some time exploring the Visitor Center, located in town on Rt. 30 across from the high school. You can watch our informational DVD, dig like a paleontologist, examine fossil replicas, and marvel at our fossil displays.

People enjoying a Paleo Porch program and learning about the fossils.

Visitors enjoy a Paleo Porch program conducted by the paleontological staff.

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Seasonal programs allow visitors to learn more about the fossils and the amazing history behind the Hagerman Fossil Beds. Check our Schedule of Events for the latest offerings.
Learning about fossils.

Fossils are fun!

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You are never too young to be captivated by fossils. Our seasonal Ranger programs allow people of all ages to explore the wonderful world of fossils.

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