• Great Sand Dunes and Sangre de Cristo Mountains

    Great Sand Dunes

    National Park & Preserve Colorado

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  • Main Park Phone Numbers Not in Service

    The two main phone numbers to the park, 378-6399 and 378-6300, are not in service at this time. Voicemail is not functioning. Please call the Visitor Center at 719-378-6395 between 8:30-6:00 MST to reach a staff member.

Photos & Multimedia

Sandhill Cranes at Sunset West of Dunes, uploaded to Flickr in 2014

Sandhill Cranes at Sunset West of Dunes.  View the park's Flickr page for this and other recent photos from the park and preserve.

NPS/Patrick Myers

View the the most recent photos of the park on our Flickr page. These photos are available in a variety of sizes on Flickr, and are free to download and use as public domain images. If you need higher resolution .tif files of any of these photos, please contact our media coordinator at 719-378-6343, or send an email.

See the photo gallery below for over 50 photos of various aspects of the park and preserve, most taken within the past five years. These are very high resolution 300dpi .jpg photos, and may be downloaded directly from the gallery. Maximum-resolution .tif versions of most images on this website, as well as many other images of the park and preserve are available by request. All NPS images may be used for any private, public, or press use. Please credit "NPS Photo". Contact our media coordinator at 719-378-6343, or send an email with specifics on your image needs.

Boy Sandboarding at Great Sand Dunes

Sandboarding and sand sledding have become popular activities in recent years.

NPS/Patrick Myers

Featured Video Podcast:
Sandboarding and Sand Sledding at Great Sand Dunes

Learn how to sand sled and sandboard in this fun 2-minute video with music on YouTube. National Park Service, 2013.

Boy Tubing Medano Creek

NPS/Patrick Myers

Medano Creek Podcast - This short National Park Service video on YouTube reveals the creek's uniqueness and attraction for people of all ages! 2010.
Length: 1 minute and 45 seconds.


Did You Know?

View of dunes from summit of Mt. Herard

The 750' dunes look small from the alpine summit of 13,297' Mt. Herard, part of Great Sand Dunes National Preserve. More...