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  • Tick Alert

    Greenbelt Park has issued a tick alert. Ticks have been spotted on park staff and visitors. Please use precautions such as tick repellant. Click the following for more information on Ticks and tick prevention More »

Things To Do

a picture of a  RV and a tent in the Greenbelt, Md campground
RV's and tents in the Greenbelt Park, Maryland campground
a campsite in the Greenbelt Park campground
Camp in the Urban Oasis of Greenbelt Park. Each campsite has an asphalt pad, picnic table, grill, and space for tents.
a picture of a campsite in the Greenbelt Park campground
The campground accomodates tents as well as recreational vehicles.
a picture of the World War II memorial
Visit the National Park sites in Washington, D.C. just 13 miles from the Greenbelt Park campground.
a picture of the Azalea Trail in Greenbelt Park
Come and enjoy the miles of trails at Greenbelt Park
a picture of the Sweetgum Picnic area
Enjoy a picnic in the Sweetgum Picnic Area. (remember 24 people is the maximum)

Did You Know?

a picture of a Native American tent in the Greenbelt Park campground

Greenbelt Park campground (located in Maryland) was closed in 1978 so that Native Americans could camp while in Washington, D.C. as a part of the Longest Walk that started in Sacramento, California. The walk was a part of Native Americans protest of how the government was treating Native Americans.