Welcome to the Urban Oasis, Greenbelt Park, Maryland

Just twelve miles from Washington, D.C., Greenbelt Park is located in suburban Greenbelt, Maryland.
The park features a 174 site campground, nine miles of trails, and three picnic areas. 
The campground is open all year round.
The campground is known for its affordability, safety, peaceful surroundings, and National Park Service hospitality.


a tent and RV in the Greenbelt Park campground


The Greenbelt Park campground offers 174 campground sites with hot showers and bathroom facilities. Camp within 12 miles of the White House.

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a picture of a trail in Greenbelt Park, Maryland


Discover over the nine miles of trails of Greenbelt Park. Enjoy the trails of Greenbelt Park and get back outdoors and reenergize yourself.

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a picture of Laurel Picnic Area

Holly and Laurel Picnic Area Reservations

We have just started Holly and Laurel Picnic Area Reservations.

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a picture of the playground equipment in the Sweetgum Picnic Area


Come out to Greenbelt Park and enjoy a picnic in the park. Sweetgum Picnic Area has bathrooms, picnic tables, and playground equipment.

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a picture of a bridge in Greenbelt Park, Maryland

Invasive Plant Removal- Help preserve the park

Join us each first Saturday of the month to help remove invasive plants from the park and help preserve the park for this and future generations

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volunteer insignia

Volunteer and help make a difference

Volunteer and help make a difference at Greenbelt Park

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