Becoming a Carbon Neutral Park

Solar panels on park headquarters building.

Solar panels on park headquarters building.

NPS photo

Golden Gate is making an effort along with other parks in the Pacific West Region to achieve carbon neutral park operations by 2016, the centennial of the National Park Service.

A carbon neutral park would generate no greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations, those of its partners and concessionaires, and eventually its visitors. Achieving this goal requires a major rethinking of park operations, as well as the advancement of new technologies.

Golden Gate participated in a component of the National Park Service's response to climate change, the Climate Friendly Parks program. It helps parks understand their greenhouse gas sources and determine ways to reduce them. Learn more about how the park is reducing its impact on the environment and becoming more sustainable.

Learn more about the Alcatraz Island park site where we are using a number of sustainable practices to reduce our environmental footprint.

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