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Glacier Natural History Association Bookstore
Glacier National Park Conservancy Bookstore at the West Glacier Depot Store
David Restivo, NPS

Glacier National Park Conservancy
Historic Depot
Hwy. 2
P.O. Box 310
West Glacier, MT 59936

The Conservancy operates non-profit bookstores to support Glacier National Park interpretation and education activities and programs. It also serves as an official park partner specializing in educational and interpretive materials. The Glacier National Park Conservancy provides Aid to Agency funding to Glacier National Park in three areas: education, interpretation, and research. Aid supports the printing of free publications developed by the park, Native America Speaks performer stipends (ticket sales go toward initiative), and the park's Museum.

Did You Know?

Jackson Glacier

If current trends continue, some scientists predict that by the year 2030, Glacier National Park will not contain any glaciers and many of the park's smaller glaciers will melt even sooner.