man stands by huge folds in rocky terrain

Glacier's rugged terrain is showcased in Sperry Glacier Basin

NPS/Stephanie Metzler


Mountainous Terrain
Many accidents occur when people fall after stepping off trails or roadsides, or by venturing onto very steep slopes. Stay on designated trails and don't go beyond protective fencing or guard rails. Supervise children closely in such areas. At upper elevations, trails should be followed carefully, noting directions given by trail signs and markers.

Snow and Ice
Snowfields and glaciers present serious hazards. Snowbridges may conceal deep crevasses on glaciers or large hidden cavities under snowfields, and collapse under the weight of an unsuspecting hiker. Don't slide on snowbanks. People often lose control and slide into rocks or trees. Exercise caution around any snowfield.

Along the Roads
There are many great places to pull off to view wildlife and to take pictures. Along the sides of roads, please be careful of moving, alternating traffic. Also be careful of pedestrian crossings and visitors walking along the sides of roads as you drive by.

Did You Know?