Travel Grants

Bus at Glacier

Thanks to donations to the Glacier National Park Conservancy and and a grant from the National Park Foundation (made possible, through the generous support of DISNEY) we will have travel grants available for the 2015-2016 school year. In submitting a travel grant request through this program, you may be asked to participate in the National Park Foundation's grant evaluation study with Applied Research Northwest to gauge whether this funding makes a difference in connecting students to national parks.

In order to be eligible for a grant, schools must be scheduled for one of our ranger-led, curriculum-based programs or for a service learning project with the Native Plant Restoration or Citizen Science program. Grants are awarded first-come, first-served in amounts varying on the distance the bus has to travel to the park. To apply for a travel grant, teachers complete the on-line travel grant form . It will automatically be sent to Glacier's Education Specialist who will verify that you have a ranger-led field trip to the park scheduled. You will them be notified by email if the Glacier National Park Conservancy is able to fill your request.

The website links on the right contain more information about how the Glacier National Park Conservancy and the National Park Foundation support the park.

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