Land of Many Stories Trunk


Land of Many Stories: The People and Histories of Glacier National Park

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"All of the people who have been associated with Glacier left an impact...whether an Indian, explorer, miner, settler, visitor, or Park Service employee..."
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This trunk contains all resources needed to complete a seven-lesson unit focusing on the cultural history of the land that is now Glacier National Park, including:

Historical Artwork
Maps (physical and cultural)

Glacier Park Souvenirs (past and present)

Authentic Uniforms
Books and Magazines
Historical Photos
American Indian Artifacts (locally-crafted)

CDs and DVDs
Work House Binder with DVD


Lesson Plans
This curriculum-based unit meets the requirements of the MT State Education Standards for 4th grade Social Studies. However, it can easily be adapted for students in other grades and includes lessons and activities in the following skill areas: reading/writing, drama, groupwork, research, and others. For the full list of standards and skill areas, and to read lesson plans for all seven lessons this curriculum contains, see the User Guide.


About this Trunk
Glacier National Park's Land of Many Stories traveling trunk is free of charge and can be borrowed for 2-4 weeks at a time but must be picked-up and dropped-off in person (Sorry, it is not possible to mail the trunk.) To arrange to borrow this trunk please submit a reservation form with the dates you would like to use it. If you have further questions, contact Glacier's Education Specialist.

The Montana Historical Society also has a Land of Many Stories trunk available in Helena. No rental fee is charged for the use of this trunk. However, schools are responsible for the cost of shipping the footlocker to the next venue via UPS. For more information, visit the Montana Historical Society website.

This trunk was created by the Montana Historical Society and sponsored by the Glacier National Park Centennial, National Park Service, Glacier National Park Fund, and BNSF Railway.



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