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Friendship Hill National Historic Site publishes a variety of brochures and site bulletins. Many of these publications may be downloaded from this page. To download the park's newspapers click here.

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Albert Gallatin
The Whiskey Rebellion
Albert Gallatin's Views on the Constitution & the Bill of Rights
Secretary of the Treasury
I am a bad farmer...
Land, Glass, and Guns: The Industrial Heritage of Albert Gallatin's New Geneva
Albert Gallatin and Native American Languages

The Gallatin House
Chronology of Friendship Hill
The Changing Faces of the Gallatin House

Did You Know?

Albert Gallatin

Albert Gallatin was initially opposed to the Constitution, yet he used its principles to help create and support the addition of a Bill of Rights. Men like Gallatin saw and corrected the weaknesses in this great document. Without them, our individual freedoms wouldn’t be protected as they are today. More...