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Park Planning

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Potential Development of the Marcellus Shale
December 2008

Approximately 33 units of the National Park System, including Friendship Hill, overlie or are in the vicinity of the geologic formation known as the "Marcellus Shale." Oil and gas industry interest is increasing as this geologic formation becomes better understood. The potentially large amount of industrial activity resulting from shale-gas development may include impacts to air and water quality, sound and night sky resources, and depending upon future economic scenarios, a boom/bust scenario may occur. Units of the National Park System and other affiliated areas may also experience visitor use conflicts with the potentially large amount of drilling-related industrial activity occurring in and around parks. This activity may degrade the visitor experience.

Did You Know?

Albert Gallatin

Albert Gallatin was Secretary of Treasury from 1801 until 1814. He was offered the post again by President Madison in 1816. He declined because he thought the job required "an active young man." He felt this even more strongly in 1843, when at age 83, he was offered the post by President Tyler. More...