Join Our Friends

The Friendship Hill Association Welcomes You

Over the past twenty-five years the Friendship Hill Association has become a proactive group of dedicated citizens with interest in preserving Friendship Hill and educating the public on the accomplishments of Albert Gallatin. Proof of their hard work is evident in the beautiful park grounds and house.

Two men stirring a steaming kettle over a fire

Friendship Hill Association members in period attire prepare soup at FestiFall, the association annual celebration at Friendship Hill.

The Perks of Membership
In addition to the satisfaction of assisting the National Park Service in preserving an important part of the nation's history, membership in the Friendship Hill Association includes some social activities throughout the year. FestiFall, the annual celebration of the life and time of Albert Gallatin, is the groups largest event. Period music, dancing and fellowship are part of Christmas social held by the Association for its members each December.

Applications are available at the visitor center desk in the Gallatin House. One can also be sent to you by calling 724-329-2501.

Did You Know?