• FDR Memorial bread line statues

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Memorial District of Columbia

Road Closures

West Basin Drive, SW, in front of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, currently is closed to vehicular traffic due to the staging and construction areas for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. The road itself will be realigned during the memorial construction and reopened following completion and dedication of the MLK Memorial.

Access to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is not affected by this road closure. Handicapped accessible parking remains on site near the intersection of West Basin Drive and Ohio Drive, SW.

Did You Know?

Room 2 of FDR Memorial Statues

Polio was a terrifying disease throughout the early part of the twentieth century, and everyone was a potential victim. Of those individuals who contracted polio, just 5% were affected negatively by it, and only 1% became permanently disabled. Roosevelt was among the unlucky 1% of its victims.