Image of students using the ARC

Park staff in the the Archives and Reference Collection (ARC) assist graduate student research as part of the Public History Field School.

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Whether based on archaeological findings, artifacts in the park's museum collection, or evidence from the historical record, research at Fort Vancouver NHS is done by staff, volunteers, and independent researchers.

In addition to housing a vast collection of archaeological and historic artifacts, Fort Vancouver is also home to a research library and archives, which contains numerous resources on the history of the Pacific Northwest and archaeology, including books, periodicals, and archival documents.

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If you are interested in researching in the park's library or collections, please contact Curator Tessa Langford by phone at (360) 816-6252, or by email, and consult the documents below to learn more about our policies regarding independent researchers.


Genealogists and researchers seeking Hudson's Bay Company and U.S. Army records, please note that, while the park has a few documents relevant to this type of research on microfilm, we are not a repository of these primary sources. Please contact either the Hudson's Bay Company Archives in Manitoba, Canada, Archives Canada, or the National Archives for this information.

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