• View of Fort Union Trading Post NHS from Bodmer Overlook

    Fort Union Trading Post

    National Historic Site MT,ND

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Bourgeois House at Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site.

The distinctive red-roofed Bourgeois House and visitor center at Fort Union Trading Post flies a red, white, and blue flag of the American Fur Company. A reproduction Red River cart sits in the foreground.

A National Park Service photograph taken by Student Conservation Association (SCA) intern Emily Sunblade.

Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site and its visitor center in the Bourgeois House are open daily throughout the year except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Days. The Trade House, including the trade room and the clerk's office, is open seasonally. For directions to the park and detailed information about its open hours, fees, accessibility, and more that will assist you with planning a trip, click on the links in the navigation sidebar to the left.

Did You Know?


One culture formed during the fur trade began with marriage's between native women and fort workers. These marriages soon formed the group identified as the Metis. The Metis, french for mix-blood, provided insight in tribal ways, customs and languages as well hunting for the fort.