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Junior Ranger making adobe bricks

Making adobe bricks during 2012 Junior Ranger Camp.

Fort Union National Monument

Fort Union is a great family park. The adobe ruins delight kids as well as adults, and the hiking trail provides many opportunities for children to get out of the car and explore the ruins up close. Kids also enjoy the short interpretive talks and walks offered spring through fall. Throughout the year, Fort Union gets involved in an array of local community events with various activities for kids of all ages! Stop by the visitor center or contact the park to find out more information regarding event schedules. We welcome you to come to the Visitor Center and take some time to view the exhibits, and perhaps the park's orientation video before heading out on your own ruin adventure!


Junior Ranger Booklets

Junior Ranger Booklet cover

Junior Ranger Booklet cover

Junior Ranger booklets (pdf 1.73MB) are available at the visitor center and online. Filled with fun and challenging activities, these books reveal the wonders of Fort Union to kids and parents alike. By completing the exercises, participants earn a Junior Ranger badge and a signed certificate. Activities are designed for ages 6 to 12.


2015 Junior Ranger Camps

Join the Rangers at Fort Union National Monument for an all-day excursion filled with activities, hikes, and games while simultaneously learning about the amazing natural, cultural , and military resources of Fort Union.

ALL CAMPS ARE FREE!!!! Enrollment Begins JUNE 1st, 2015.

The 2015 Junior Ranger Camp dates can be found here.

2012 Junior Ranger Camp: Adobe Preservation Activity in Fort Union Hospital

2012 Junior Ranger Camp: Adobe Preservation Activity in Fort Union Hospital

Fort Unin National Monument


Civil War to Civil Rights Trading Cards

Kids! Looking for a fun and educational way to learn about America's Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement? We are honored to be part of the special "Civil War to Civil Rights" trading card program. Click to find out more.

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