Real historic places generate excitement and curiosity about the people who lived there and the events that occurred there. Even before the official establishment of the National Park Service in 1916, there was an interest in developing educational resources and programs to help teach visitors about the natural and cultural features of the national parks. Today, with the realization that our National Park System offers some of the richest educational opportunities imaginable, almost all units of NPS offer some form of educational or interpretative program, such as ranger-led walks, video presentations, and in some cases, more formal curriculum-based activities. By using these sites to "bring history to life," educators can help students connect social studies, history, geography, and other subjects to their own lives. Students not only learn better, but also come to appreciate the value of the nation's cultural resources.

The staff at Fort Sumter National Monument, which includes Fort Moultrie, extends to you and your class an invitation to join us in these famous outdoor classrooms. National Parks are real places where you and your students can experience the power of history. The information contained in this web site will help you prepare for your visit and give you names, phone numbers and other information necessary for a successful learning experience in your Lowcountry National Parks. We look forward to seeing you and your students during the current school year.

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Plan A Field Trip to Fort Sumter

Plan A Field Trip to Fort Moultrie


Educational Catalog

The National Park Service in Charleston strives to offer a broad spectrum of educational opportunities for students ranging from site visits and on-site programming, to ranger visits in the classroom. All of our programs are based on South Carolina Academic Curriculum Standards. Age suggestions accompany each program and the standards that each program covers are available upon request.In-classroom programs will be available from October 17, 2012 to March 14, 2013 and On-site programs during the 2012-13 Academic Year. Please see the link below for all the opportunities we will offer this year.

Educational Opportunity Catalog 2012-2013


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