Fort Moultrie Field Trip

Your students may explore the historic fort via a self-guided tour and view an educational film during your visit. We show our 22-minute film every 30 minutes starting at 9:00 AM with the last show at 4:30 PM. From Labor Day to Memorial Day, we also have ranger programs available on a limited basis.

Reservations must be made prior to the day of your visit to Fort Moultrie. To ensure adequate staffing and to avoid conflicts with other groups' schedules, please make your reservation as soon as possible. To make a reservation, please call (843) 883-3123 x 20.

An entrance fee is charged to visit Fort Moultrie. However, bona-fide educational organizations with a reservation and visiting as part of their regular curriculum may qualify for an academic fee waiver. Ask a ranger about a fee waiver when making your reservation.

Fort Moultrie is enjoyed by young and old alike and is a great place to teach the importance of conservation. Please explain the following safety rules to your group. This will both help you to have a safe visit and also help us to preserve the site for the enjoyment of future generations.

  • Children’s groups (12th grade and younger) are required to have a minimum of one adult leader for every ten children.
  • Children (12th grade and younger) must stay with their designated adult leader at all times. Adult leaders are responsible for their group's conduct.
  • Climbing on cannons, grassy mounds, and brickwork is not permitted. Stay on designated pathways at all times.
  • Crossing barriers of any kind is not permitted. These include chains and railings.
  • Taking or disturbing any historic or natural item in the park is a violation of Federal law.
To schedule your group to visit Fort Moultrie, please call (843) 883-3123 x 20 and speak to a ranger.

Did You Know?