• large wooden spikes jut out from a large wooden angular wall lit by sunlight. verdant grass surrounds it.

    Fort Stanwix

    National Monument New York


Fort Stanwix National Monument has a vast array of options to accommodate the many different types of visitors that pass through its doors every day.

Marinus Willett Collections Management and Education Center:
The Fort Stanwix visitor center is equipped with Handicapped Accessible entryways and exits. Handicapped Accessible parking is available on the Willett Center side of N James Street. All restrooms are accessible as well.

There is Open Captioning on all of the introductory videos, as well as FM Assistive Listening Devices for our hearing and sight impaired visitors.

For sight impaired visitors, there is also a Braille introductory pamhplet available by request at the Willett Center, or for download in a Braille Ready Format.
Fort Stanwix Braille Brochure .BRF File

Introductory park pamphlets are made available in more than 20 languages from can be be made available as well or downloaded from our website for use.

Restroom areas with in the fort are accessible. Not all areas in the fort are accessible; however ramps can be made available by request to tour the inside buildings of the parade ground.

There is Open Captioning on the introductory video, as well as FM Assistive Listening Devices for our hearing and sight impaired visitors.

Handicapped Parking is reserved in a pull-off in front of the fort.

Park Trails:
The trail surrounding the fort is approximately 1/2 mile long and is completely accessible to wheelchairs; it is paved with a combination of packed stone and cement. Wayside signs are also tilted for ease of reading in wheelchairs.

Special Accommodations:
Special Accommodation can be made for any large group planning on visiting Fort Stanwix with accessibility needs. Service animals are always welcome. Foreign language pamphlets can be sent to your group before your visit, ramps can be put in usually inaccessible areas, or our on staff American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter can be made available. Brochures are also available in Braille upon request.

Please feel free to call the park at 315-338-7730 to review all options available to your group. Or visit our website at www.nps.gov/fost/planyourvisit/accessibility.htm for more information.

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