Six Miles Shared by Many Nations

For centuries, the Oneida Carrying Place, a six mile portage connecting the Mohawk River and Wood Creek, served as a vital link for those traveling by water from the ocean to the Great Lakes. When Europeans arrived, nations fought for control of the carry, the homelands of the Six Nations Confederacy, and the rich resources of North America. In this struggle, Fort Stanwix would play a vital role.

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Plan Your Visit

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Just For Kids: Explore the Past Today!

"Learn! Explore! Protect!" Come learn about this special place called Fort Stanwix with activities including the Backyard and Junior Rangers.

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A woman kneels over a screen sifting soil.

What Did They Find? Archeology in the Park

Discover what archeologists have unearthed during excavations over the decades.

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The Battle of Oriskany

Discover our nation’s first allies, the Oneida Indian Nation, and their alliance in one of the bloodiest battles of the American Revolution.

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