• Fort Parade Ground and Officers Quarters as seen from Guardhouse

    Fort Scott

    National Historic Site Kansas

Stables - Tack Room

Dragoon Saddles

The Saddle or Tack rooms were the responsibility of the stable sergeant and here all the saddles and riding equipment were kept when not in use. Each trooper had his own peg on which he placed his saddle, with the sweat-damp blanket on top to dry, the bridle hanging from the pommel, and the other equipment laying on top of the saddle and blanket.

Equipment probably was cleaned, oiled and polished in the tack room, necessitating tables or sawhorses on which to spread and suspend the items being cleaned. Soap, linseed oil, turpentine, rags, etc. probably were kept here in cabinets or on shelves.

The information for this section was taken from the Historic Furnishing Report for The Dragoon Stables by Sally Johnson Ketchum.

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Did You Know?

Free State Hotel at Fort Scott, directly across from it was the Western or ProSlavery Hotel

Fort Scott is the only NPS unit that was directly involved in "Bleeding Kansas". Fort Scott was a proslavery town, but many free staters lived in the surrounding area. Located on the grounds was the Western or Proslavery Hotel, directly across from it was the Fort Scott or Free State Hotel.