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    Beginning Monday August 25, the infantry barracks museum will be closed for remodeling and to prepare for a new theater and exhibits. Work is expected to be completed by spring of 2015. The site's movie will be played in the visitor center upon request.

Post Bakehouse - Tools of the Trade

Tools or props which are found in the bake house at Fort Scott consist of the following:

Bakery Props Dough TroughJugWooden BowlCrockBreadpan
  • Bread pans- made of sheet iron, having a capacity for 15 rations each.
  • Wooden bowls and crocks-for stirring and holding the bread dough
  • Jug-for holding molasses or other bread flavoring
  • Dough trough-used for mixing the yeast and the dough
Bakery Props Flour BarrelWater KegKneading Table
  • Water keg-used to hold water used in dough mixture and for cleanup.
  • Flour barrel
  • Kneading table-used to knead the dough, pound out the air bubbles, and form dough into loaves.
Wooden Peel
  • Wooden peels- used for inserting and removing pans from the oven.
Bakery Tools BrushBaker's ScraperRolling Pin
  • Baker's scraper-for cleaning dough from the trough or table and for separating loaves of
    bread in the pan.
  • Rolling pin
  • Brush-for brushing on butter and other flavorings.
Proofing Rack

  • Proofing rack-Bread was stored here overnight until issued to the troops the next day.
Bakehouse Oven
  • Oven/Fire Box-Bread was baked in the oven, while the fire burned in the fire box. The fire would be started well in advance of the bread baking to heat the bricks in the oven. Ashes from the fire fell through the grate to the chamber below the fire box.
Bakehouse Oven
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Did You Know?

Quartermaster Function at Fort Scott

At Fort Scott, several of the boxes and barrels are marked Fort Scott, MO. Not actually in Missouri, the fort was located four miles west, in what was then unorganized territory. The army used Fort Scott, MO as a shipping address to assure that supplies made it to the right place.