• Line of Civil War re-enactors in uniforms with guns at Fort Point

    Fort Point

    National Historic Site California

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  • Fort Point will be open six days a week through Summer

    Starting June 2, Fort Point will be open Thursday through Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For Teachers

Students looking at fort map

Students learn the history of Fort Point.

Fort Point National Historic Site provides the perfect outdoor classroom to engage students in historic inquiry and environmental science.

The following educational programs are offered at Fort Point:

Sensible Habitats takes K-1 nature detectives on an intriguing investigation near the Golden Gate to uncover the rich diversity of human, plant, and animal life.

Point of Inquiry transports 4th grade history sleuths to Gold Rush Fort Point to discover and imagine another time and place.

Students exploring natural ecosystems

Students exploring natural ecosystems in the Fort Point area.

Artillery, Bricks & Co. sends 4th and 5th grade crafty time travelers in search of everyday life in a Civil War Era fort.

Click here for complete information on NPS education programs offered at Fort Point NHS and areas of the Golden Gate National Parks.

Did You Know?

Captain Dora E Thompson, Chief Nurse, Letterman Hospital 1905-1933.

Dora Thompson, chief nurse, helped save lives during the 1906 SF Earthquake. In 1914, she became superintendent of the Nurse Corps then returned to Letterman Hospital in 1922, where they dedicated a hall in her honor. Although the Hall is gone the restored creek still flows through Thompson Hollow.