• Photo by: Max Kandler

    Fort Davis

    National Historic Site Texas

Your Safety

For your safety please remember:

  • Children should always be accompanied by an adult while visiting the park
  • No running while in the park
  • No walking,sitting, or standing on ruins or foundations
  • Secure valuables in your vehicle
  • Do not enter areas or roads that are closed to the general public
  • In warm weather heat may be deadly to children or pets left unattended in vehicles
  • In cold weather be aware of ice on sidewalks, steps, and in parking lot (use handrails where available)
  • Three drinking fountains are available at the park-inside the Visitor Center, outside the Auditorium, and in front of the Commanding Officer's Quarters. Water bottles are availavble for purchase in the Visitor Center. The drinking fountains outside the Auditorium and in front of the Commanding Officer's Quarters are turned off from November to March because of freezing weather.

Did You Know?

Fort Davis post hospital about 1885.

Medical treatment at Fort Davis represented state-of-the-art medicine of the 19th century. The soldiers at Fort Davis and other frontier posts probably received medical treatment as good or better than what the average American received at the time.