• Ruins of Fort Bowie

    Fort Bowie

    National Historic Site Arizona

Photos & Multimedia

Ringtail at night

Ringtail caught at night on a wildlife camera at Fort Bowie.

Fort Bowie National Historic Site has much to offer for both history buffs and naturalists. While photos and other multimedia cannot replace an actual visit to this site, we hope this page and its links will add to your experience, or entice you to come see what Fort Bowie NHS is all about.

Check out the Photo Gallery link above to see pictures of all that Fort Bowie has to offer: scenic views and some shots of those critters that hid when you walked by! We are currently working on updating the website with new features so check back to see what’s new!

Did You Know?


Heliographs are instruments which use a mirror and sunlight to transmit Morse Code. General Nelson Miles realized that southern Arizona’s mountainous terrain and huge amounts of sunlight would make the heliograph useful in his campaigns from Fort Bowie against Geronimo in 1886.