Sesquicentennial of Fort Bowie

Fort Bowie commemorates the bitter conflict between Chiricahua Apaches and the U.S. military - a lasting monument to the bravery and endurance of U.S. soldiers in paving the way for settlement and the taming of the western frontier. It provides insight into a "clash of cultures," a young nation in pursuit of "manifest destiny," and the hunter/gatherer society fighting to preserve its existence.


Ranger-led tours and guided hikes

Ranger-led Tours and Guided Hikes

Join a ranger for a guided hike, or a tour of the Fort Bowie ruins. Programs will be offered on March 5 - May 3, Thursdays - Sundays.

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Park ranger and young boy dressed as a park ranger

National Junior Ranger Day, April 18

Explore and learn about Fort Bowie with the Junior Ranger activity book. Earn a badge learn how YOU can help protect all your national parks.

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NPS Photo- K. Gonzales

Fort Bowie Cemetery

The Fort Bowie Cemetery was established before the fort and remained active after the fort was abandoned in October 1894.

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Rufous hummingbird feeding on agave bloom

Nature and Science

The dominant habitat type at the fort is Chihuahuan desert grassland, offering habitat to birds that aren’t usually found in the mountains.

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