• Wall of Names, part of the Memorial Plaza at the crash site

    Flight 93

    National Memorial Pennsylvania

Current Progress

Updated December 29, 2014

Construction workers building a viewing area which sticks out from the tall grey concrete walls of the Visitor Center.

Visitor Center Complex construction.  Workers are standing in the partially complete viewing window area on the side of the Visitor Center which faces the Crash Site. 

National Park Service

Visitor Center Complex
Updated 12/29/2014
The Visitor Center Complex will consist of the Visitor Center, Flight Path Walkway, and Learning Center.

  • Visitor Center - Roof installation - In progress
    Interior framing - In progress
    Main wall concrete pours - Complete
  • Flight Path Walkway - overlook form work and concrete pours- In progress
  • Learning Center - additional roof work and interior framing- In progress
  • Parking Area - Grading, laying down base layers and sidewalk pours - Complete
  • Projected dedication/opening - Late 2015

Grass seeding at the Wetlnads Bridge

Wetlands Bridge with all trusses in place

National Park Service

Wetlands Bridge
Updated 11/3/2014
The bridge will allow visitors walking the Allée to cross the wetlands and then walk to the Memorial Plaza at the crash site. The bridge will provide opportunities for reflection and changing views of the wetlands habitat. Current progress includes:

  • Grass seeding around abutments - Initial seeding complete
  • Installation of railings on abutments - Complete
  • Installation of benches - Complete
  • Placement of trusses - Complete

Volunteers planting a tree for Plant-a-Tree 2014

Volunteers planting trees - April 2014

National Park Service

Updated 5/5/2014
Plant a Tree at Flight 93, a multi-year, multi-partner efforts to reforest major portions of this former surface mine, has been a big success. Current progress includes:

  • Wide variety of species planted
  • Reintroduction of blight-resistant chestnut trees
  • 2012 - 13,000 seedlings planted on 20 acres
  • 2013 - 15,000 seedlings planted on 23 acres
  • 2014 - 20,000 seedlings planted on 30 acres
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Memorial Groves

Memorial Groves along the inner side of the Ring Road

National Park Service

Memorial Groves
Updated 5/7/2014
The 40 Memorial Groves will sweep along the inside of the Ring Road from the Visitor Center Complex to the Memorial Plaza. Planting of the Groves is nearly complete. Major progress includes:

  • Planting groves 1- 40 - 99% Complete
  • Groves 1-24 - planted Spring 2012
  • Majority of Groves 25-40 - planted Fall 2012
  • Strong grass growth throughout Groves
Map of the memorial showing the location of completed features, current progress, and future elements.
Map of the memorial showing the location of completed features, current progress, and future elements.

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