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Plant a Tree at Flight 93 - National Park Week 2012
Flight 93 National Memorial kicked off its planned reforestation effort during National Park Week 2012. A group of over 500 volunteers under the guidance of tree-planting experts and professional landscapers planted nearly 15,000 seedlings -- a mixture of a native conifer and deciduous species. The reforestation effort, part of the memorial's overall design landscape, will ultimately include approximately 150,000 trees.


Penn State Altoona - Planting Trees for Flight 93
Students and faculty from the Environmental Studies and Honors programs at Penn State Altoona, joined other volunteers in helping plant trees at the memorial. These students, faculty, and Joe Pizarchik, director of the U.S. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and former Penn State Altoona student, discuss their experience.


Working for the Warblers
Learn how reestablishing native forests at the memorial benefits migratory bird species, including the golden-winged warbler.


Video - "An Evening of Remembrance"
Family members of the passengers and crew, members of Congress, and staff who were in U.S. Capitol Building on September 11 share their thoughts on Flight 93.

On May 15, 2012, nearly 400 guests joined co-host President and Mrs. George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, and Speaker of the House John Boehner at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. for "An Evening of Remembrance " honoring the passengers and crew of Flight 93 and raise funds for the memorial. This video was created as part of that effort.

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