• Wall of Names, part of the Memorial Plaza at the crash site

    Flight 93

    National Memorial Pennsylvania

Memorial Plaza Fact Sheet

Construction drawings
Construction drawings:  Left-Memorial Plaza wall section.  Right-Ceremonial Gate.

Design and Construction

Design Competition
Number of entries submitted: 1,100
Number of countries represented: 27
Number of states represented: 48
Honorable Mentions: 9
Finalists: 5
Stage I opened: September 11, 2004
Stage I closed: January 11, 2005
Finalists announced: February, 4, 2005
Final selection announced: September 7, 2005

Groundbreaking: November 7, 2009
Start of construction: March 22, 2010
End of Phase 1 construction: August 11, 2011
Dedication ceremony: September 10, 2011

Memorial architect: Paul Murdoch Architects
Landscape architect: Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

Memorial Plaza Features

Visitor Shelter and Gateway

Dimensions: 11 ft 4 in H x 25 ft W x 93 ft 9 in L
Visitor shelter: 10 ft H x 14 ft W x 27 ft 6 in L
Thickness of roof: 16 in
Material: Glass, metal, and cast-in-place architectural hand hewn
hemlock finish concrete
Number of distinctive molds used during casting: 5

Memorial Plaza Wall and Benches

Wall dimensions: 3 ft 7 in H x 4 ft W x 1200 ft L
Angle of the wall: 45°
Material: precast exposed aggregate concrete w/ hand-painted
stain and sealer - cast off-site
Total number of panels: 233
Total number of precast sections: 60
Panel dimensions:3 ft 7 in H x 4 ft W x 5 ft L
Number of Benches: 7
Number of tribute niches: 3
Niche dimensions: 8 in H x 5 in W x 16 in L
Depth of moat from top of wall: 9 ft 7 in.

Memorial Plaza Walkway

Dimensions: 6 in thick - ½ inch of Bomanite™ and 5 ½ in regular
Material: concrete base with Bomanite™ top layer- aggregate of
black granite chips with tinted cement - cast on site
Restrooms to Wall of Names: 2,000 ft
Restrooms to Visitor Shelter: 700 ft
Visitor Shelter to end of Flight Path: 1,400 ft - approximately 1/4 mile
Bus drop-off to end of Flight Path: 1,600 ft
Round trip - Visitor Shelter to end of Flight Path: 2,800 ft -
approximately ½ mile

Wall of Names

Wall dimensions: 8 ft H x varied W x 100 ft L
Panel dimensions: 8 ft H x 3 ½ in W x 2 ft 6 in L
Materials: Olympian Danby Vermont
Marble Panel Weight: approximately 1,000 lbs each

Flight Path Walls

Total length: 270 ft
Materials: Precast concrete clad in Olympian Danby Vermont Marble

Flight Path Walkway

Dimensions: 10 ft W x 219 ft 11 ½ in L
Material: black granite Quarry: Saint-Nazaire, Québec, Canada

Ceremonial Gate

Dimensions: 7 ft 5 in H x 8 in W x 9 ft 7 in L
Materials: Hand hewn hemlock and stainless steel


Material: sandstone
Source: northern area of the memorial

Stone Benches

Dimensions: 2 ft W x 2 ft H x 6 ft L
Materials: Sandstone
Quarry: Annandale Quarries, Boyers, PA
Weight: 3200 lbs (average)

Sidewalk and Arrival Court Benches

Materials: pinewood and bicromated steel

Gathering Court and Plaza Benches

Materials: western red cedar and stainless steel

Roads and Lands


Approach Road: 2 ½ miles
Ring Road: 1 mile
Total Mileage: 3 ½ miles


Federal: approximately 1,500 acres
Non-Federal: approximately 700 acres
Total: 2,200 acres

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Did You Know?

Recovery personnel ringing the

In past September 11 ceremonies, first responders, community leaders and recovery workers have participated by ringing the "Bells of Remembrance." The bells ring during the time of the crash, 10:03 AM, while the names of Flight 93 crew and passengers are read aloud.