From the Rio Grande to the Red River Valley

Come on a journey that will carry you through 300 years of Louisiana and Texas frontier settlement and development on a Spanish colonial "royal road" that originally extended to Mexico City, Mexico.


ELTE sign plan

Tell-Tale Signs

The land tells a story. Ruts & creek crossings, missions & presidios chronicle life on the trail. Follow the stories by following these road signs.

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Connect to Facebook

Join the Conversation

Stay connected with Tejas on Facebook.

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Passport book

Your Passport to the Trail

Over 15 sites at museums, historic sites, missions, presidios, and parks offer the Passport stamp as well as education, inspiration, and good fun.

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Map of El Camino Real de las Tejas NHT

A Complete Set of Tools

Ready to follow the trail? Need a map? Your toolkit includes maps, visitor information links, and an array of trip planning tips.

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Planners planning for the new trail

A Plan for the Future

A Comprehensive Management Plan/Environmental Assessment is available as of September 2011.

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Official logo for El Camino Real de las Tejas NHT

Howdy Partner

The National Park Service works with federal, state, county, and local agencies, tribes and private individuals as partners to administer the trail.

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Sugarloaf Bridge, Milam County

Much Ado About Something

This is a story of exploration, adventure, conquest, revolt, trade, migration, and settlement. Read all about it here.

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Did You Know?