• Immigrants awaiting inspection in front of Ellis Island's Main Building

    Ellis Island

    Part of Statue of Liberty National Monument NJ,NY

Guided Tours

Immigration Inspectors at Port of Entry

Immigration Officers at Port of Entry (circa 1924)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

FREE Ranger-Guided Tours: A National Park Service Ranger and dedicated Volunteers-in-Park (NPS VIPs) lead walking tours of the museum. The tours are approximately 45 minutes.

Tours chronicle island history and explain what many immigrants experienced at the facility during its busiest years of operation. Tours depart from near the information desk on the top of the hour. The numbers of tours offered vary based upon daily staffing levels. TICKETS ARE NOT REQUIRED for walking tours.

Immigrant inspection
Immigrant Inspection at Ellis Island
NPS Photo

Did You Know?

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On July 30, 1916, a major explosion at the railway terminals on the Black Tom Wharf in Jersey City did considerable damage to the Ellis Island buildings. The walls, ceilings, roofs and foundations of the hospital buildings were weakened, and many windows, casings and doors were blown out. The repairs to the facilities took about a year at a cost of nearly $400,000.00(about $8,333,333.33 in 2012).