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Ellis Island Photo Collage

The story of Ellis Island is the story of people - millions of immigrants - who passed through its halls seeking new opportunities and freedoms. Join us as we tell the story of this place and these people through our photo collections. These images - some historic, some more recent - show us Ellis Island's history, even up to the present-day.

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The Main Building on Ellis Island; Links to flickr Collections Page  Students posing with NPS Rangers in front of the Main Building on Ellis Island; Links to "Students in Action" flickr collection  The Great Hall circa 1911; Links to "When Immigrants Walked These Halls" flickr collection  Ellis Island's Great Hall bathed in sunlight; Links to "As a National Park Service Years" flickr collection  Space Shuttle Enterprise passes by Ellis Island on its way to the Intrepid; Links to "Once in a Lifetime Events" flickr collection  The Statue of Liberty at sunset; Links to "Hustle and Bustle of a Busy Harbor" flickr collection

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