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Kathleen Remembers Trying Pizza


Kathleen Remembers Trying Pizza (Transcript)

Date of Birth: NOVEMBER 6, 1898
Date of Interview: FEBRUARY 25, 1994
Immigrated from Ireland in 1921 at Age 22
Interviewer: PAUL E. SIGRIST, JR.
Ellis Island Collection: EI-439

SIGRIST: Tell me what that first night in America was like?
SIGRIST: So she fed you?
LAMBERTI:She fed, oh, yes, she fed us. (she laughs) And my Uncle Joe brought in, he brought in a pizza pie. And I, we looked at that and they said, "Now, this is pizza pie." And Mother said, "Oh, what is that?" This dreadful looking stuff. It was awful. Mother said, "Mmm." Didn't eat that. Well, we were very disappointed. When we got his back turned we put it out. We threw it out. But we didn't, we didn't know what it was. To eat tomatoes in a pie. That was dreadful. (she laughs) Then, but we did grow to love it.

Download Copy of Transcript: Lamberti First Pizza Transcript

Did You Know?

Southside of Ellis Island

Ellis Island's south side contains 25 buildings that are mostly unrestored. These structures included general hospitals, isolation and psychiatric facilities for immigrants needing treatment or isolation. The U.S. Public Health Service staffed these facilities during the station's operation. More...