• Photo of the Eisenhower Farm. Courtesy of Stan Cohen.


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Environmental Factors

Black-eyed susan in the grasslands of Eisenhower National Historic Site.

Black-eyed susan in the grasslands of Eisenhower National Historic Site.

C. Davis

The natural resources of Eisenhower National Historic Site are prone to stresses from pollution, traffic, and nearby development. With the increased mobility of our advancing society, the park is experiencing ecological changes. Changes range from the introduction of invasive exotic plant species to the developing of lands surrounding the park.

Park managers are taking an active role in addressing these changes with an adaptive management strategy. As scientific research provides protocols for monitoring the parks present state, we are able to deduce areas of concern that need assistance. Using research as tools, park managers can make decisions based on sound ecological or historical facts to ensure park resources are being protected. Volunteers, local organizations, and university researchers provide additional assistance in identifying environmental concerns and making management decisions.

Did You Know?

Prseident Eisenhower painting

President Eisenhower enjoyed oil painting and encouraged the artistically challenged to give paint-by-numbers a try. He presented his staff with paint-by-number sets and invited them to display their masterpieces in the White House. Even J. Edgar Hoover contributed a painting to the “gallery.”