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Nehru and Eisenhower at the President's farm, Dec. 17, 1956.

Indian Prime Minister Nehru visiting President Eisenhower at his farm, Dec. 17, 1956.

Farm or Folly: Eisenhower, Nehru, and Khrushchev

A Virtual Ask a Ranger Program
Inquiry-Based Virtual Lessons for 7th -12th Graders
January - February, 2016

Farm or Folly: Eisenhower, Nehru, and Khrushchev is a virtual ask-a-ranger program created for those students unable to make it to Gettysburg. It examines Eisenhower's diplomatic skills and use of the Gettysburg farm as a meeting place to intimately discuss international issues with world leaders like the Prime Minister of India and the Premier of the Soviet Union. Students are sent after-action reports, diary entries, letters, and other primary source materials in advance to help them create document and place-based questions for the rangers. All that's required is a classroom capable of projecting a ranger with accompanying film clips on a large screen. Each "Ask a Ranger" program will last approximately 45 minutes.

To register for the program, submit the Reservation Request Form. Contact us via e-mail at Gett_Education@nps.gov or call (717) 338-4422 with any questions.

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