Hunting Restrictions

Hunting Restriction through April 1, 2014
Due to construction of the Susquehanna-to-Roseland Power Transmission Line through the park, hunting is temporarily prohibited along the utilities' access road off Community Drive in Middle Smithfield Township, PA, and within 450 feet in both directions from the centerline of the Right-of-Way, creating a 900-foot wide area, approximately 5-miles long, that is closed to all hunting from October 22, 2013 to April 1, 2014. Hunters may not possess any means of taking game animals identified by the states of New Jersey or Pennsylvania while walking through or across the designated no-hunting zone.

Hunting is permitted in most parts of the recreation area. All applicable state and additional park-specific federal regulations must be followed. Trapping is not permitted. For regulations and a list of closures, pleasecheck park's bulletin on Hunting. (pdf file)


Sunday Bow Hunting in NJ WMAs

In 2009 a law was enacted in New Jersey which allows bow hunting (longbow, recurve, compound or crossbow) on SUNDAYS on private property and in wildlife management areas (WMAs) managed by the State of New Jersey. This privilege does NOT extend to federal lands or other public lands.

Therefore, hunters may legally bow hunt in Flatbrook-Roy WMA and Walpack WMA, which are adjacent to Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, but not in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Stokes State Forest, or Worthington State Forest.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Stokes State Forest, and Worthington State Forest REMAIN CLOSED to Sunday bow hunting. Hunters must be aware of property boundaries.


River Islands

Islands in the river are governed by the laws of the state to which they belong. See the park's River Guide and Map at right (pdf) for details on the islands.

Mashipacong Island NJ
Quicks Island NJ
Minisink Island NJ
Namanock Island NJ
Shapanack Island NJ
Buck Bar PA/NJ
Turtle Island PA (formerly called Sambo Island)
Depew Island NJ
Poxono Island NJ
Tocks Island NJ
Labar Island NJ
Woodcock Bar NJ
Shawnee Island (PRVATE - NO HUNTING)
Schellenberger Island PA
Arrow Island PA


Information sources

Pennsylvania Game Commission
New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife
Ranger Office phone Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area


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