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    Expect high temperatures of 100 to 120 degrees F on your summer visit to Death Valley. Heat related illness is a real possibility. Drink plenty of water and carry extra. Avoid activity in the heat. Travel prepared to survive. Watch for signs of trouble. More »

  • Zabriskie Point to close for repairs

    Starting October 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015, all access to Zabriskie Point and surrounding area will be closed for major rehabilitation work to repair unstable support walls and improve conditions.


aerial view of Furnace Creek
Aerial view of Furnace Creek, looking northwest. The Furnace Creek Airport is visible behind the oasis

There are no scheduled commercial flights into or out of any airport within Death Valley National Park. Pilots with their own aircraft may use the airports, but other than a shuttle service provided for guests of the Furnace Creek Inn & Ranch Resorts, there is no public ground transportation or rental vehicles available from either airport.

Furnace Creek Airport (L06)

  • Location: 1 mile NW of Furnace Creek Ranch.
  • Coordinates: N36-27.83; W116-52.88.
  • Waypoint: BTY-114.7 182 [deg] 21.2 miles.
  • Telephone: (760) 786-2331.
  • Hours: not attended.
  • Elevation: (minus) -211.
  • Pattern altitudes: 789 MSL all aircraft.
  • Runways: 15-33, 3,040 x 70 asphalt; right traffic runway 15; lights URL; tree rwy 15; brush rwy 33. Lights: pilot controlled (5 clicks on, 7 clicks off); beacon dusk to dawn.
  • Approaches: (VFR). FSS: 122.2.
  • Radio Frequency: 122.9.
  • Charts: Las Vegas sectional, low-altitude L5.
  • Noise abatement procedures: noise sensitive area to east, avoid overflight. 2500' AGL minimum over Death Valley NP boundaries.
  • Notes: Right traffic rwy 15.
  • Features: Pay telephone, bellman.
  • Lodging: Furnace Creek Inn & Ranch Resort 1½ mi (760) 786-2345.
  • Tie Down Cables: Bring your own tie downs.
  • Fuel: no fuel available

Stovepipe Wells Airport (L09)

  • Location: ¼ mile W of Stovepipe Wells Village.
  • Coordinates: N36-36.3: W117-09.5.
  • Waypoint: BTY-114.7 223 [deg] 23.1.
  • Telephone: (760) 786-2342.
  • Hours: not attended.
  • Elevation: 40.
  • Pattern altitudes: 840 MSL all aircraft.
  • Runways: 5-23 3,260 x 65 asphalt; road rwy 23.
  • Obstructions: acft parked 75' from runway cntrin.
  • Approaches: (VFR). FSS: Riverside (714) 351-4141.
  • Frequencies: CTAF 122.9; FSS 122.2, 122.05.
  • Charts: Las Vegas sectional; low-altitude L5.
  • Noise abatement procedures: 1ft/rgt trfc to avoid overflight of campground. 2500' AGL minimum over Death Valley NP boundaries.
  • Notes: Right traffic rwy 23. Residential airpark.
  • Lodging: Stovepipe Wells Motel & Restaurant 1/4 mile (760) 786-2387.
  • Fuel: no fuel available

Did You Know?

The salt stretches across the floor of Death Valley

The salt pan on the floor of Death Valley covers more than 200 square miles. It is 40 miles long and more than 5 miles wide.