Pupfish at Salt Creek are easily viewed during the springtime mating season.


  • amargosa pupfish
    Cyprinodon nevadensis amargosa
    Found in the Amargosa River northwest of Saratoga Springs.
  • saratoga pupfish
    Cyprinodon nevadensis nevadensis
    Found at Saratoga Springs at the south end of Death Valley.
  • Devils Hole pupfish
    Cyprinodon diabolis
    (endangered species)
    Found in Devils Hole, 37 miles east of Furnace Creek, in western Nevada.
  • Salt Creek pupfish
    Cyprinodon salinus salinus
    Found in Salt Creek in the central part of Death Valley.
  • Cottonball Marsh pupfish
    Cyprinodon salinus milleri
    (threatened species)
    Found in Cottonball Marsh on the west side of central Death Valley.
  • western mosquitofish
    Gambusia affinis
    (invasive species)
    Introduced into Furnace Creek irrigation ditches and ponds.

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